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21 September 2022 - 29 September 2022
Rotterdam, Netherlands
WoHC & Health~Holland Visitors Programme 2022


Are you active in the Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector? Then you’re probably pleased to know that at the end of September 2022 we’ll have a beautiful and interesting programme ready for you to attend. It’s all about connecting, sharing knowledge, getting new insights, and presenting healthcare challenges & solutions worldwide! We’ll distinguish between 2 kinds of programmes.

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Connect, share knowledge, get new insights and present healthcare challenges & solutions!

Healthcare in the 21st century

Around the world, we face similar challenges in healthcare. Only by cooperating internationally, can we face those challenges and find their solutions. For proper collaboration and implementation, mutual knowledge and understanding of each other’s situation (f.i. healthcare system, economic situation, social context) are crucial. During WoHC, Dutch and foreign LSH-stakeholders and entrepreneurs meet each other to discuss how together they can improve healthcare globally.

High-Level Delegations 

World of Health Care is connected with the Health~Holland Visitors Programme (HVP) to allow foreign decision-makers in healthcare to visit and share knowledge with Dutch health stakeholders and other countries present. 

WoHC Delegates participate in the Health~Holland Visitors Programme, a multiple days programme for decision-makers in international, national, regional, and local healthcare. This programme aims to broaden the knowledge of our worldwide renowned Dutch Health system and related smart solutions which increase the quality, affordability, and accessibility of healthcare.

This year, multiple high-level representatives from the private sector, NGOs, knowledge institutions, and different tiers of government from 10+ countries will join this event.

Closed since 28 September 2022
Location Hotel Bruno, Rotterdam
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